"The Lounge"

Welcome to the official monthly (when time permits) publication of Prado House Cigar Co."THE LOUNGE".. The Lounge was created to compliment your cigar experience by providing you with all the cigar smoking information you need to increase your knowledge about your cigar experience. Through "The Lounge" we will be able to share information about cigar basics, proper cigar etiquette, new cigar products and accessories and much more.  Enjoying a cigar should be a special occasion and understanding the work that goes into making a cigar will help you understand and appreciate your cigar that much more.

We are not your local smoke shop or liquor store with a small choice of unknown, non-premium dry cigars.  We are YOUR OWN PERSONAL CIGAR GUYS!  We pride ourselves in making sure the cigars you order from us are fresh right out of our humidor and are ready for you to enjoy by providing you your own personal cutter and matches, making sure you have an excellent variety of high quality premium cigars to choose from.  This is a “ONE OF A KIND” of service you won’t find anywhere else.  


By Drew Estate and Rocky Patel

What do you get when two Master Cigar manufacturers come together? A Masterpiece!

This Java Maduro cigar was created with great care and appreciation for the art of cigar smoking by Drew Estate and Rock Patel.  It is a mild to medium-bodied, small batch production of top notch Nicaraguan long fillers and binder. They are infused with the rich flavors of cocoa and espresso. Java Maduro is wrapped with a premium Brazilian Maduro wrapper which provides an incredible chocolaty flavor to this cigar. To put the final touches on this amazing cigar Rocky Patel and Drew Estate collaborated to create it as a box pressed beauty.  An amazing “MUST TRY” for all cigar smokers.  We are offering it at an introductory price of $8.95 a stick.  Get yours while supplies last.


La Gloria Cubana Esteli Serie R Maduro

This cigar is just another premium addition to the already impressive line of La Gloria Cubana cigars.  The Nicaraguan filler and binder are wrapped by a beautiful broadleaf Maduro wrapper.  This combination of tobacco provides the cigar with some earthy, dark chocolate and powdery cocoa notes.  The flavors get even more complex as you venture through the cigar with notes of expresso, leather and a campfire type of scent.  Wow, this amazing experience all within your fingertips.  We are offering this bad boy in a 6-inch by 54cm ring gauge to make sure everyone knows you are smoking a CIGAR!  Priced at $9.50 a stick these will fly off the shelves.


La Aurora 1495

When Prado House first opened its on-line doors, we provided you with this small but mighty cigar.  As time went on it became rather difficult to find this cigar throughout our wholesalers.  Fortunately, we continued our efforts to find and bring back a great quality cigar that offers excellent flavors at a great price.  The La Aurora 1495 honors the foundation of Dominican tobaccos from the valley of Cibao in the city of Santiago De Los Caballeros.  This cigar is made to be a medium to full-bodied blend combining a complex, blend of Dominican Corojo and Dominican-seed ligero grown in Nicaragua.  The 1495 is adorned with a beautiful marbleized Ecuadorian-grown wrapper leaf that brings out all the exotic flavors of the region.  It carries hints of leather and spice while keeping the flavors smooth and balanced from start to finish.  This small but mighty cigar gives proof that “size doesn’t always matter.”

 Until next time…Remember...Smoke"em if you Got'em!