Cigar Bar Catering and Special Events

Prado House Cigar Co is very passionate about your cigar experience especially when it's a special event.  Whether it's a wedding, an anniversary or any special occasion we would like to be part of your event by providing your guests with a "Classy Cigar Bar" stocked with high quality premium cigars for them to enjoy.  
Along with the cigar bar we will also provide your guests with all the necessary accessories such as, matches, cutters and elegant cigar ashtrays to make it a lasting experience.  
With our cigar bar service there this  is an initial $375.00 set up fee. Prado House Cigar Co will arrive prior to the start of your event and set up a classy cigar bar to your liking.
We will provide you with approximately ten (8-10) boxes of premium handmade cigars with various options (mild, medium or full bodied cigars) for your guests to enjoy.  At the conclusion of the night you will only be billed for the cigars you and your guests enjoyed in addition to the initial set up fee.  Along with those cigars we will also provide you with your very own On-Site Cigar Aficionado.  We realize that many of your guests will typically smoke a cigar for the occasion but may not necessarily be avid cigar smokers. Therefore, your personal on-site Cigar Aficionado will provide your guests with cigar suggestions as well as, personal instruction on how to properly cut, light and enjoy a cigar.  He/she will be there to answer any questions and provide guidance so that everyone can enjoy the cigar that is right for them.  As with all our options we will provide you with personal cutters, matches and elegant ashtrays.

Please email us at for available dates and additional information.